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Quaker Testimonies


THE TESTIMONY OF SIMPLICITY arose from Friends’ conviction that avoiding over-dependence on possessions and self-indulgence would better enable us to open ourselves to God. It is a way of organizing one’s life—of setting priorities.


Through THE TESTIMONY OF PEACE, we work to resolve conflicts with empathy, understanding and mutual respect, rejecting physical or emotional violence. When we succumb to reactivity we lose the opportunity to respond creatively in ways that are potentially beneficial to all. 


THE TESTIMONY OF INTEGRITY embodies Friends' devotion to truth, honesty, authenticity and wholeness, honoring the Inner Light in each individual. This testimony lies at the heart of Quaker practice and guides Friends in both their spiritual and daily lives. 


While Friends have always been concerned with the well-being of Quaker communities, THE TESTIMONY OF COMMUNITY was first articulated in 1952, building on the long-standing tradition of caring for others.


For Friends, THE TESTIMONY OF EQUALITY begins with the belief that all have a right to well-being and belonging. We encourage all to turn inward for guidance and truth. All are deserving of respect, no matter what our differences may be.


THE TESTIMONY OF STEWARDSHIP asks that we care for and make wise use of the world’s resources. Historically, Friends have been concerned about the environment, but this concern has become an urgent need for climate justice.

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