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 At Friends Seminary we work to preserve the spirit of Quaker process and to create trust, which is crucial to all decision making. In THE PRACTICE OF DECISION MAKING, it is important that there be opportunities for varied opinions to be expressed and for many perspectives to be taken into account. It is helpful for those leading a meeting to clarify the role of participants in making the decision; transparency builds trust. Gathering input is always important, but using a process that most closely parallels reaching a Quaker “Sense of the Meeting”—an assessment that all are willing to unite in support of a decision even if they don’t completely agree with it—takes time and is a precious tool that is best reserved for major decisions. With this in mind, we strive to live out the ideal of Quaker decision making, even when it is not possible to engage in the full process.

How can a decision be good for the community while not satisfying everyone?

How can I contribute to unity in decision making?

How do we balance the need for prompt, practical action with reflective decision making?

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