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"Silence opens us to change." THE PRACTICE OF SILENCE is most prominently evident during our regular practice of Meeting for Worship, but goes beyond these community gatherings, permeating all areas of school life. The quiet brings us refreshment and strength. Silent times help to heal us from hurts of the mind and body. Silence supports stillness, stillness allows for reflection, and reflection fosters insight.

How does silence move us to speak?

How does silence bring us together as a community?

How can we use silence to heal our minds, bodies and relationships?

“The silence we value is not the mere outward silence of the lips. It is a deep quietness of heart and mind, a laying aside of all preoccupation with passing things—yes, even with the workings of our own minds; a resolute fixing of the heart upon that which is unchangeable and eternal. This ‘silence of all flesh’ appears to us to be the essential preparation for any act of true worship. It is also, we believe, the essential condition at all times of inward illumination.”



“The Quaker experience is that, in the silence, as we are open to one another in love, we help each other by sharing our strengths and weaknesses. The Quaker conviction is that as we go deeper into ourselves we shall eventually reach a still, quiet centre. At this point two things happen simultaneously. Each of us is aware of our unique value as an individual human being, and each of us is aware of our utter interdependence on one another.”

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