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Our approach to study is influenced by Friends’ belief in the importance of learning and speaking from experience. Our experiences and subsequent reflections are important sources of learning. We are a community of learners, and learning emerges from its members discussing and evaluating ideas. Recognizing that any person may be an important source of truth, we encourage openness to a variety of points of view and an open, respectful relationship between teachers and students. We work to establish an atmosphere of trust and respect where we feel free to experiment with new ideas and activities. Students may be consulted about decisions to be made and are often asked to evaluate a course, unit, or program. Teachers try to cultivate “the practices of keen observation, unhurried reflection, critical thinking, and coherent expression” in students.

What strategies and approaches help students learn?

How can we structure and modify our curriculum in a way that supports varied learning challenges, strengths, and passions?

How do we cultivate a community of curiosity and inquiry?

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