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In a world that ought to be, THE PRACTICE OF JUSTICE is centered and takes many forms, but it is always grounded in love. Our community invites its members to consider the importance of justice, be aware of injustice in the world, and respond to those injustices. We recognize that injustice persists in our world and that community members may come to the School living with its consequences. In order to create a more just world, we must focus our lens on equity. Therefore, we devote a substantial part of our budget to financial aid. We also recognize that people learn in different ways, and we work to give students what they need to thrive.


When it comes to interpersonal justice, we aim to focus on solving problems rather than assigning blame. We work to take into account the individual circumstances of the students involved.

How are our testimonies rooted in justice?

When I see an absence of justice in the School, how do I shed light and create change?

What is the difference between punishment and consequences?

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