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"Service challenges us to put our values into practice." THE PRACTICE OF SERVICE is integral to Friends Seminary’s educational mission, and members of the Friends Seminary community are called upon to “bring about a world that ought to be.” Through various forms of service, members of the community translate the Quaker values into action.


Through Service Learning students gain valuable skills that allow them to lead more meaningful and engaged lives. The Community Engagement program follows the “Head, Heart, Hands” model. This model asks students to engage with the facts of a social justice or other community issue, develop empathy, and then put that knowledge into action. Through this process, students hone their ability to separate fact from opinion, question and perhaps challenge stereotypes and injustice, and come to realize that while not all problems have solutions, they should never stop working toward justice. Engagement in service and stewardship activities fosters empathy for our school, our neighborhoods, our global communities, and our natural environment. We strive to build authentic community and meaningful solutions, honoring the Light within us all.

How can my service raise awareness of problems and injustices in the world?

How can I serve from the heart so that my service is meaningful and intentional?

How do the relationships established through service help all those involved?

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