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Through this living document, we, the FRIENDS SEMINARY community, affirm our foundation in the Quaker tradition.

Since the gathering of their first communities in the seventeenth century, members of the Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, have been wary of creeds or other prescribed declarations of faith. However, individual Friends, as well as small groups of Friends and Friends’ Meetings, have issued written statements of their beliefs (testimonies), as well as guidance and advice about ways of being and acting in the world. These expressions of “faith and practice” are living documents, open to revision as Friends engage in the continuing search for truth.

It's our shared core values that unify us.

Friends Seminary recognizes that the members of our community come from many different spiritual traditions and cultural backgrounds. While it is this diversity of perspectives and experiences that makes our community robust, it is our shared core values that unify us. 

Included in this Faith and Practice collection are descriptions of Quaker testimonies and practices. Each are accompanied by queries drafted by members of our community, along with advices—a compilation of quotes for inspiration and reflection. This document is intended to promote conversations both at school and at home as community members search for deeper connections to the Light within each of us.

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